Zilch enables you to interact with the ecosystem. With Zilch, you can share your fleet vehicles, manage payments effortlessly, and capture private usage clearly to reduce Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

Zilch Solutions

Zilch SaaS

Our standalone intuitive sharing software and interface enable vehicle sharing, employee rideshare, user access control, payments management, and comprehensive reporting. Additional modules can incorporate data-driven fleet management services, LEV (Low Emission Vehicle), RUCs, and user health & safety, providing a robust solution for all your fleet management needs.

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Zilch MaaS

This subscription-based product bundles the Zilch intuitive sharing software with various vehicle funding options, aligned with your unique requirements. With a focus on LEV and contract flexibility ranging from “on-demand” to five years, Zilch MaaS offers a comprehensive financial solution that meets pressing requirements while gradually opening up broader possibilities.

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Zilch Lite

Offering base tracking and reporting functionality, Zilch Lite is ideal for those seeking essential features separate from any funding solution. This product provides user and vehicle tracking paired with a reporting interface. Additional modules for data-driven fleet management, LEV, RUCs, and user health & safety are also available, ensuring a versatile and efficient fleet management experience.

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“In terms of service providers I've worked with over the years, I rate Carbn up there with the best, if not the best team that I've worked with in terms of their knowledge, their personalities, and the ease of working together. Carbn are really professional and I would 150% recommend them.”

Dave Circuitt
Power Co
Property and Fleet Manager

“I personally found my dealing with Carbn as excellent. Nothing was a problem. I appreciated the prompt replies in support of our project.”

Philip Mealings
Ryman Healthcare
Group Financial Shared Services Manager

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